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Mohali - 160 071

Punjab. India.

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Base : Phenolic.
Contacts : Brass (Nickel + Tin Plated)
Current Rating : 10 Amps, 250 Volts AC
Insulation Resistance : > 55 x 103 Mohm at 500V DC
Flashover Voltage : >2 KV AC





Item Code Description
GSE-01 Single Fuse Holder for 20mm x 5mm Fuse
GSE-02 Single Fuse Holder PCB Mounting for 20mm x 5mm fuse
GSE-03 Single Fuse Holder for 32mm x 6.3mm Fuse
GSE-04 Single Fuse Holder with thick base for 32mm x 6.3mm Fuse
GSE-11 Double Fuse Holder for 32mm x 6.3mm Fuse
GSE-12 Double Fuse Holder with thick base for 32mm x 6.3mm Fuse

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Email : info@gselectronics.in

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